Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management

ISSN: 2413-1660

Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

Volume 9, Issue 5, 2022

Preliminary Study on Ecological Restoration Technology of Slope in Ditching Land



Yufei Xiong


Optimal Energy Management Strategy for FCHEV based on V2V Information



Zhumu Fu, Qihong Chen, Liyan Zhang, Fazhan Tao


How should the third-party logistics enterprises break the situation in the VUCA era?



Ran Li, Zheng Zhang, Dan Zhang


Research on the Opening and Management Strategy of Yuma Sports Park of Wuhan Business University



Zhuo Sun


Deep Learning Based SAR Image Ship Target Classification



Yutong Shu, Kun Liu


Test on the Charge-discharge Performance of lithium-ion Battery under Thermal Effect



Xing Hu, Guanqiang Ruan


Research on Migrant Workers' Wage Payment System Using Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology



Yumei Xiong


Research on the Relationship between Blockchain Technology and Housing Leasing Based on Coupling Adjustment Model



Shiji Xia, Zhengda Qian, Shuyuan Dong, Yukun Cao, Zejiong Zhou


Study on supply chain coordination of fresh agricultural products under BOPS strategy



Anze Wang


Construction and Operation Management of "Internet +" Intelligent Elderly Care Model



Han Zhang, Qingbo Geng, Qingchao Gao, Longfei Liu, Zejiong Zhou


Research on the Influence of Concentrated Rapid Infiltration on Groundwater



Chao Guo, Biao Peng


An Intelligent Book Recommender System Based on Feature Fusion Model



Zeyu He, Xindi Tong and Ming Zhao


Research on Automobile Supply Chain Decision under industrial policy


Jiazhong Chen


हैदराबाद में आधुनिक विज्ञान पब्लिशिंग हाउस

Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

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