Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management

ISSN: 2413-1660

Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

Volume 9, Issue 4, 2022

Analysis of China's Pathway to Carbon Neutralization



Min Zhang, Ting Meng, Yun Zhang and Xiuhua Zhu


Research on Optimal Batch Model Construction in EPIP Teaching from the Perspective of Chinese and Indian Students



Weijin Zhang, Yong Liu


Research on digital transformation and upgrading of tourist attractions--Taking Huangshan City, Anhui Province as an example



Jingjing Wang, Lu Chen, Jiawei Li


An Analysis of financial Course teaching Reform under the Background of Internet



Zhi Zhang


Analysis on the Status and Development Path of Green Finance in China



Lechao Zhang, Tong Ouyang, Zejiong Zhou


Morning Running Attendance System for Preventing Students from Cheating



Yuxi Wang, Rui Wang, Yugan Liu, Jin Xu


Research on the application of blockchain in the agricultural industry chain for empowerment



Zhenqi Li, Qiufeng Pang, Wanqing Liu


Sketch Up teaching reform based on environmental art design teaching resource database



Sijia Lin


On Residents' Satisfaction with the Reuse of Municipal Domestic Waste under the Background of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality



Nan Xia, Jingwen Xie, Tingting Ren, Zhaoshun Chu, Chaolin Li


Research on Y-sealing ring of 140MPa throttle valve



Jun Qi, Yu Zhang, Maotang Yao, Chen Zhai, Peng Peng, Qiangqiang Zhao


Pedestrian detection method based on improved YOLO v5



Wenhui Zhang, Zhihua Luo


Analysis on Water Source Demonstration of Yushan Water Supply Project



He Jing


Research on the Coordinated Development of Data Sharing and Economic Structure in Anhui Province



Ling Jiang, Yulu Zhou, Lili Ma, Can Wang


The difference between the South and the north in the allocation of household risky financial assets



Zijie Shao, Sijng Xiong and Zinan Song


Research on spraying material of sealing surface of 140MPa gate valve



Yu Zhang, Xuesong Zhang, Zhengwei Tang, Chen Zhai, Jin Li, Ruiming Guo


Investigation and Analysis on Residents' Cognition and Acceptance of Polylactic Acid Degradable Mask


Li Hu, Xinyi Cheng, Wanyin Feng, Yi Zhang, Deyu Li


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Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

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