Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management

ISSN: 2413-1660

Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2022

Design of Aided Teaching System Based on WEB



Hongcheng Yan, Wenyu Zhang


Technical analysis and development suggestions on the stock trend of Yunnan Baiyao



Tao Wang, Qingzhang Liang, Xinjun Zhang and Minglong Cheng


Design of remote monitoring system for forest environment based on single chip microcomputer



Anyuan Zhang


Feasibility Study on the Project of Helping Farmers and Increasing Income with Cordyceps Product Marketing Innovation under the Background of "Internet +"



Yao Song, Tingting Zhang, Jian Li and Xingyu Yao


Power Control of Wireless Network Based on Graph Convolution Network



Han Li


Analysis and application of financial data based on Visualization Technology



Baoshi Cao, Tao Wang and Ziyang Xu


Transportation and ordering of raw materials for building and decoration plates



Shunyi Wang, Jiecheng Zhang, Yufan Yang and Lipu Zhang


A Study on the Influencing Factors of the Occupational Health for Construction Workers



Na Wang, Yue Zhou


Design of intelligent water pumping control device based on 51 single chip microcomputer



Peng Jin, Fagui Su, Yong Xu


Research on economic integration of Yangtze River Delta Based on principal component analysis



Yu Wang, Haiqing Ma and Xuezhi Chen


Study on the dynamic mechanism of the development of national tourism and leisure area around Chaohu Lake under the gui



Zhijie Bao, Ziyi Cao, Shiqi Lin and Yufeng Wu


Research on twin-ASC priority rules in an automated container terminal based on deep reinforcement learning



Yifeng Xu, Jin Zhu


Design of Full-automatic Marine Surface Garbage Cleaning Ship



Jun Ma, Suying Hu


Five Breakthroughs of Blockchain Smart Contracts



Ziyu Zhou


Research on Teaching Reform of Computer Laboratory Based on Cloud Pl



Chun Tian, Xuesong Dai, Lifei Sun, Kegang Wang


Dynamic scheduling optimization of automated terminal AGV based on Reinforcement Learning



Chun Chen


Research on Prediction of Bus Transit Time Based on Artificial Intelligence


Kaiyuan Zhang, Yanbin Long


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Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

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