Journal of Computing and Electronic Information Management

ISSN: 2413-1660

Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

Volume 5, Issue 12, 2018

A method for improving temperature measurement accuracy based on CCD color


Ang Hu, Wei Tan, Qian Shu, Yamei Chen


Practice and research on flipped classroom of JSP programming based on WeChat public platform


Dongfen Ye


Numerical Simulation of Droplet Dynamics Performance on Superhydrophobic Surface


Zhiru Yang, Nan Zheng and Yang Zhou


Microwave-based Non-diagenetic NGH Study on Temperature Control Method of Sampler


Bolun Feng, Jian Du


Construction of evaluation index system for sustainable development of Qinling eco-tourism


Xiaolin Li


Research on Financial Capability Evaluation of Energy Storage Industry Listed Companies Based on Principal Component and Cluster Analysis


Jicheng Liu, Xiangmin Lin


An Adaptive Sampling algorithm based on TCP congestion Strategy


Mingxia Yang, Jianwen Fang, Jiajia Wu


Research on the Construction Practice of Modern Logistics Simulation Training Center Based on Internet of Things Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges


Hailin Chen


Research on Teaching Reform of the Course of Computer Organization and Architecture Guided by Experimental Operation Cases


Pan Pu, Caili Tian, Zhiyong Zhang, Lvwen Huang


Reform of JSP Programming Classroom Teaching Model Based on Creative Learning


Dongfen Ye


An Overview of the Linkage Model of the Financial Aid System for Students with Family Economic Disabilities in Wuhan University of Technology


Haojie Liu


Study on Damage Identification of Earthquake Damaged Structures Based on Dynamic Analysis Method


Gao Yan


Research on the Application of Computer and Information Technology from the Perspective of Internet


Mengxuan Liao


Implementation of Wisdom Recommendation Algorithms for Intelligent Libraries based on data analysis


Yanping He, Zhang Lu, Yi Lou, Zi Mei, Feiyan Sun


Discussion on Train Operation Control Technology of Rail Transit and Structural Optimization of Its Electromechanical Equipment Monitoring System


Shiyong Wang


ICA Feature Fusion Face Recognition System for Student Identity Verification


Xueli Gou, Lu Zhang, Ling Zhang, Siwen Zhu


Design of intelligent home energy supply system based on temperature difference power generation


Zhenfeng Wang, Hailun Wang, Zhoufeng Yao


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Hyderabad Contemporary Science Publishing House, Hyderabad, India

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